Now that the dust has settled in the DBM camp after the madness that was Metal to The Masses (M2TM) 2018 we continue on our road to BloodStock with three back to back gigs in London, Leicester and Coventry!

Starting off in London at Nambucca on Thursday 2nd August for ‘A Metal Ceremony‘ with our good friends @empirewarning and @gravastar_reptilians with The Black Evil Blood rounding off the evening!

Friday 4th August sees us traveling up to Leicester for a winners showcase at the Firebug with our fellow M2TM winners @sevenhells_uk @skybruddband @pelugion and @dawnofanubis whilst Saturday 5th August continues the festivities with another show case in Coventry at the Arches Venue!

All in all, a mental few dates which promises to be a great warm up for Bloodstock 2018! See you on the road!

Check out our Live! event list for full details!

In this metal we’re forged, all as one never alone! 🤘