We are proud and honoured to announce that we will be playing Bloodstock 2018 after winning the coveted Metal 2 The Masses London GRAND FINAL ft Courtesans competition on Saturday night at The Dome, Tufnell Park in London.

The sun was shining, England won two-nil, and the atmosphere was amazing! If you have never been to an M2TM show (shame on you!) then you may think “bands always say that”, but we are telling you that this was anyone’s game. 

Absolutely fantastic performances from all spectrums of metal. The mighty Annunciation tore everyone a new one from the off — awesome guys! Then the assault continued with the savage riffing delivered by The Brood, a great bunch of guys who you will be able to see play at Bloodstock Open Air 2018 as the judges awarded the boys a spontaneous ‘Special Guest’ slot. 

Congratulations guys, well deserved. Next up was Serpentyne — these guys’ unique and brilliantly performed style of metal really is fantastic, be sure to check them out! After that musical treat we were next kicked in the face by the menacing and totally heavy Prolapse A.D. — guys, you never cease to impress and improve, loved it. Last but definitely not least were the fantastic guys from Dirty ol’ Crow — you ‘aint gonna keep your feet still when these guys hit the stage, you boys do what you do so well, excellent show!

Then the nerves for us all were calmed by comedian Scott Chesworth who kept us laughing until the wonderful and talented Courtesans took to the stage and showed the lot of us how it should be done. Fantastic show!

After that we were all off the The Big Red to party, and the rest is hazy!

A massive thank you to a fantastic audience, both engaging and warm both on and off stage. You make M2TM London what it is and the reason we are able to do what we do. Horns to the band family, thank you for all you do. And of course our gratitude and eternal thanks to everyone involved in making this happen, the staff and management of M2TM and it’s venues.

So here we go — Dead Before Mourning are ready for Bloodstock 2018, are you?

Bloodstock Open Air 2018. Catton Park, Derbyshire on 9th-12th August 2018 

In this metal we’re forged, all as one never alone. Salute!